Wedding Stationery Guide

Below are general characteristics of the two papers I typically work with. They both pair well with digital printing, letterpress and foil printing.

Card stock:

Smooth surface, clean edges, 300gsm and 600gsm weights.

Artisanal handmade paper:

Textured surface, deckle edges (irregular, not straight), roughly 200 - 300gsm weight depending on the batch made.

Handmade paper

Card stock

Digital printing:

The classic method of ink printed onto card. Black, colour and white ink is available. White ink printing is recommended on dark coloured card stock.


A relief printing method where a design is engraved onto a metal plate and is then pressed onto card. The end product is a debossed imprint of the design that's beautiful to the touch.


A similar relief printing method except with the addition of metallic foil in between the card and metal plate. It's an amazing way to add a touch of glamour to your stationery.


DIGITAL printing



Other than a main invitation, you might also be considering an RSVP card, return envelope, details and map card. Yarn or ribbons are an elegant way to keep everything bound together neatly.

Fine yarn:

A light, sustainable, recyclable material for a minimal touch. Available in black, neutral brown and white.

Silk ribbon:

Truly an artisanal product hand-dyed from organic materials to a colour that matches or complements the rest of your invitation suite.

silk ribbon

Fine yarn



Embellish your stationery item using either in-house seal designs or have a custom seal created specially for you. Wax is available is various colours.

In-house seal designs:

Pre-designed seals ready to stamp onto your stationery.

Custom seal designs:

Have your initials, custom monogram or invitations theme-specific illustrations engraved onto a seal. The stamp and a complementary stick of wax will then be yours to keep. It will be sent to you along with your stationery order.



In-house designs

Digital printing:

Type fonts digitally printed onto the envelope. Available for both main outer envelopes and smaller RSVP envelopes.

Handwritten calligraphy:

Good old pen and ink using a script that complements the rest of your stationery. Available for main outer envelopes only.

If there is something you are interested in but don't see here, let me know in your enquiry form