This agreement is between Small Brown Writes (hereafter referred to as "SBW") and you, the customer. In consideration of the mutual agreement made herein, both parties agree as follows:   



You are engaging SBW's services in producing semi-custom invitations as per your order via the SBW website. 


All concepts and designs are property of Small Brown Writes. SBW retains all rights to use any and all aspects of the design(s) for the purpose of reference, display and promotion without any compensation to you. Please do not reproduce any artwork created by SBW without permission and crediting the artist.    


You grant permission to SBW to use images from your order to promote SBW's business, including but not limited to, use on the SBW website, blog, social media platforms and print marketing materials. You grant permission to SBW to directly contact your wedding photographer and obtain images of your wedding stationery from them (if applicable).



SBW agrees to produce work as listed on the SBW website at your request for the fees shown at checkout. Semi-custom suites generally take anywhere between 3-6 weeks to produce depending on the amount of personalisation included in your order. This does not include shipping time. SBW will strive to work within this timeframe however it is your responsibility to cooperate in a timely manner. SBW will not be responsible for not meeting deadlines due to delayed customer action or response. If you require more work done after placing your initial order, this can be accommodated for at your request but may incur additional fees which will be reflected in your final invoice. You will receive this final invoice before your order goes to print. Please be aware that in doing so, this may also result in an extended timeline. In this case, SBW and the customer will set a new agreed-upon deadline.


Rush orders are orders that are required to be produced within 3 weeks of enquiry and will incur a 30% rush fee of the customer's total payment. This total payment includes any additional fees incurred from any additional work requested by you. Please note that with rush orders, you may also have to consider expedited shipping options which consequently incur higher shipping costs. 



As included in your fee, SBW will allow one design revision round for minor changes in spelling and wording. Any additional revisions will incur a $75 fee unless it is due to fault of the artist. It is extremely important that you thoroughly check all your design proofs for any errors including but not limited to spelling, times, dates, names, URL's, design elements and layouts. Once you have given your approval for the final design, you are giving SBW the permission to put into production all designs as they appear on the final design proof. SBW will communicate possible issues you may have with regards to your designs in the process of your revisions if any but will not be held responsible for any and all errors pertaining to the relevant stationery designs after your final approval.


With any items requiring handwritten calligraphy, please be aware of the slight variations in spacing, size and style that may occur. By engaging SBW's services for any handwritten product, you are agreeing to trust the artist's capability and artistic style. If you are unhappy with any part of the calligraphy, please get in touch within 48 hours so the situation can be assessed. If SBW determines that the calligraphy is clear and legible, you may purchase replacements at your expense. On the other hand, if it is clearly the fault of the artist as determined by SBW, a replacement product will be sent to you at the earliest convenience free of charge. It is highly recommended that you refer to the various calligraphy styles available on the Guide to Semi-Custom Invitations and to make your own judgement call before engaging in SBW's services with regards to artistic style as seen on the SBW website and social media platforms. 



You are responsible for the timely payment of all fees and for providing SBW with a valid payment method.

You agree that for services to be rendered under this agreement, SBW will be entitled to a fee as follows. The amount as stated at checkout on the SBW website must be fully paid for any work to commence. Any additional fees incurred by additional services engaged thereafter is to be paid in full at the time you approve your order for printing.

Shipping fees are charged according to weight and are therefore dependant on the size of your order. You are required to make payment for the shipping fees pertaining to your order(s) before it/they is/are released to you. Your order(s) will not be shipped until full payment is received.

International orders may be charged a tax or tariff upon entry to the country of your shipping address. These extra charges will be assumed by you.



All orders are shipped from East Cannington, Western Australia, Australia using Australia Post and will be insured wherever possible. SBW cannot guarantee delivery dates on behalf of Australia Post or postal service providers within the country of the customer's shipping address and therefore cannot be held responsible for any delays that happen out of SBW's control.

Each order will be packaged to avoid damage during delivery as best possible. In order to ensure this, your items may be shipped in separate boxes/packages. If an item does arrive damaged, please contact the SBW studio within 48 hours of receipt so the situation can be assessed to determine the cause. SBW will not be held responsible should the customer's order get lost or damaged due to forces beyond SBW's control.




Due to the handcrafted quality of semi-custom invitations and all embellishments, SBW cannot offer exchanges and returns. However, if there is an error in production caused by SBW, either of two things will happen. A refund will be given based on the amount of work with the error(s), or reproduction/reprinting of the wrongly produced product will be carried out and posted to your shipping address free of charge. 


In the event that you need an order cancellation, please contact the SBW studio as soon as possible. Upon written confirmation of cancellation, you are responsible for the payment of all expenses incurred and any work done towards the completion of your order based on the percentage of the order completed that is determined by SBW. Should an order cancellation occur following your approval of the final designs for print, you are responsible for full payment as per your final invoice. In the event of a cancellation, SBW retains ownership of all copyrights and original work created.