Introduction to Modern Calligraphy Workshop | Feld & Co, WA


Feld & Co. opened their doors to myself, 12 amazing humans and a sausage dog in September 2018 for an afternoon of learning modern calligraphy. If you follow me on social media, you'll quickly learn that I'm a crazy plant lady. Feld is so green with plants in every corner of the room. I love that every time I come back, the plants have grown a bit more making the space more luscious than before. Calligraphy takes patience and precision. Most of these ladies were first timers working with a pointed pen and every single one of them killed it that day!

Hi I am wanting to attend some classes to learn to write calligraphy

Hey Vicki! Happy to hear you’re interested in picking up calligraphy. Workshops will be back up and running in Jan 2020 so keep an eye out on Instagram/Facebook for upcoming dates. You could also email me at hello@smallbrownrites.com to get on the mailing list for upcoming workshop notifications. Hope to see you at a session in the new year!